Web-based works better.

Populi is web-based software. You simply use it over the internet with a web browser. You’ll never need to install anything on your computer—no CDs, no downloads, no upgrades. Web-based software is fairly common already, and can handle some pretty complex tasks. Web-based email like Gmail or Hotmail, social apps like Facebook—or even your online banking software—give you an idea of what it’s about.

No IT worries

Populi relieves you of the technical worries. It’s hosted, maintained, and backed up on our very secure, off-site servers. We handle the IT stuff—the software, the updates, the technology, the security. You benefit from our economies of scale, and simply run your college.

Safe, secure, backed up

Web-based software is safe—safer than “traditional” software. Computers get stolen, are rarely backed up properly, and seldom have the latest security patches and updates. But Populi stores your data on our enterprise-class servers, which are backed up daily, protected against emerging threats, and located in a world-class, high-security data center.

One central database

Populi keeps all of your data in a centralized location which is accessible over the web. Since you can get to it from any computer, this eliminates the “it’s on the other computer” problem. With everyone on the same database, all your information stays in one place, with the same level of protection and security for every user.

Works on any computer

Populi runs in a web browser, so it works on any computer you’re likely to have at your college—Mac, Windows, or Linux. Forget about downloads, installations, updates, and all that stuff. Just log in and use it. You’ll always have the newest and best version, without lifting a finger.