College Management
Made Simple

Running a school is complicated enough without having to manage a dozen software platforms.

That’s why we made Populi.

Your software shopping list
  • Student Information System
  • Online Admissions System
  • Student Life
  • Integrated Library System
  • School Bookstore
  • Tuition Management System
  • Financial Aid
  • Donor Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Student Billing
  • Automated Data Backups
  • Streaming Media Server
  • School Communications System

Sure, you could get a bunch of separate systems to meet your software needs, and then hire a team of IT people to get them all to work together.

Or you could just get Populi.

Populi has everything you need to keep things running smoothly all in one place. No servers to manage. No IT headaches.

Why should you choose Populi?

Heroic Support

Got questions? Need some training? We’ve got your back. Every Populi account includes unlimited customer support.

All The Things

One system for everyone. One login for everything. Student Info, Online Learning, and a lot more all in one package.

Serious Security

Keep your data private, secure, and backed up. Firewalled, encrypted, password-protected, actively monitored.

Does Populi…

  • Include a full-featured LMS?
  • Track inquiries, leads, and applications?
  • Import ISIRs for financial aid?
  • Let my school take online donations?
  • Build transcripts and handle degree audits?
  • Let me build custom reports?
  • Let my students pay their tuition and fees online?
  • Stream my audio and video lectures to my students?
  • Let me work from home or the office?
  • Sync financial aid awards with COD?
  • Produce custom transcripts?
  • Include a Library?
  • Work with our Google Apps for Education account?
  • Include automatic software updates?
  • Support Common Cartridge, Tin Can and LTI?
  • Support SSO to Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas?
  • Let me communicate with my school via text and email?
  • Have an API?
  • Export IPEDS and Student Loan Clearinghouse?
  • Let my students submit assignments online?
  • Let me store files and keep notes about my contacts?
  • Let us do online course enrollment by class standing?
  • Automatically charge tuition when a student enrolls?
  • Let me manage all my course rosters?
  • Manage and report on student attendance?
  • Auto-calculate Pell Grants?
  • Let me send emergency notifications?

The answer is Yes!

Populi does all this, and a lot more.

Check out the features tour for more details

What do our customers say about Populi?

What a game changer! Populi has changed a lot for us in such a great way! From how we handle and communicate with prospective students to how we handle courses and communicate with current staff and students. Why weren’t we using Populi before?! :)
Nikki Limpioso
Administrative Assistant
Ocean’s Edge School of Worship
Switching to Populi has allowed us to dramatically improve our service to students. Their academic records are far more accessible, accurate, and secure than before thanks to Populi’s comprehensive online software.
Joel Wingo
Calvary Chapel Bible College
The Populi Support team offers great customer service and technical support! Keep up the great work!
Raul Lozada
Director of Educational Technology
Holy Apostles College & Seminary
Populi has the best customer service of any company I’ve ever worked with! They are always helpful, friendly, and efficient. The best thing we did for our school and the student experience was make the move to Populi!
Lacy Kendrick
Registrar / Director of Financial Aid
Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

That’s just a sample.

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