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Trinity Bible College and Graduate School Strives to Realize its Vision

“It’s simple. Populi lets us spend less time with the system and more time on the results.”

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Trinity Bible College and Graduate School Campus
Humphreys University Campus

Humphreys University Gets a Better SIS for Half the Cost

“Every time we’ve thought of something we wanted to do, Populi could do it!”

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Arizona Christian University Campus

Populi Helps Arizona Christian University With Fast-Paced Change

ACU got everything it needed, right out of the box, without the limitations of their previous systems.

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South Florida Bible College Campus

South Florida Bible College Grows With Strong Word-of-mouth

“Populi was not the reason for the growth, but it makes growth possible.”

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Visible Music College Campus

Visible Music College

A customer since 2008, Visible’s story exemplifies what Populi can do for a small college.

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Populi has helped tens of thousands of faculty, staff, and students focus on teaching and learning. Here’s what some of them had to say...

Populi has changed my life. I used to juggle several softwares and systems to manage admissions, finances, curriculum, mailings, and applications. To have everything streamlined through one place is a dream come true for me and the students.
Jessica Buikema
Director of Admissions
Ocean’s Edge School of Worship
After three online degrees, the Populi system is a breath of fresh air. It’s diverse, easy to use, and socially friendly. Populi makes test taking, navigation, file uploading, and being a student on-the-go simple.
Shaun McAfee
Student, Social Media Director
Holy Apostles College & Seminary
The tech support people are AWESOME!
Alana Marks
Assistant Director of Distance Learning
Heritage Christian University
The folks over at Populi know what they are doing. They are constantly thinking about how they can streamline and improve their web-based platform. I’ve worked with other CRMs and the admissions portion of Populi trumps other products.
David Nakano
Enrollment Manager
Visible Music College
It’s hard to imagine my work pre-Populi. The seamless integration between functions makes my tasks simpler, and the approachable interface made it easy to train new and existing employees. Pair that with excellent customer service, and I’m in love.
Niklaas Schalm
Associate Registrar - Records and Systems
Providence University College and Theological Seminary
Populi has made it easy for me to stay up to date with all of my coursework, and in contact with all of my classwork. I couldn’t imagine school without it!
Michael Lopez
Oak Valley College
Populi is a great tool for the college/university to make use of online as well as the traditional classroom environment. The ease-of-use and tech support are unrivaled by other content systems I have seen.
Stephen Cox
Adjunct Professor
Mid-South Christian College
I have always been confident of my skills as an educator. Because of Populi and its ease of use, I can now be just as confident in my skills as a higher ed administrator. I really appreciate the user-friendliness of this platform. Thank you Populi!
Janet Leidy
Acupuncture Department Chair
Won Institute of Graduate Studies
So impressed with Populi! Saves me tons of time and when I need help the guys are BEYOND AMAZING! Intelligent, patient, efficient AND kind! Thank you!!
Dana Schmitz
Program Director
Mercy/St. Luke’s School of Radiologic Technology
Populi’s all-inclusive product allows colleges to focus on teaching rather than logistics. The knowledgeable tech support team members respond quickly, making them the icing on the cake!
Sherry Davis
Business Manager
Virginia Baptist College
As a professor I have used Populi for over two years and it is fantastic. It has everything I need: grading, taking attendance, students submitting assignments, discussion forums, and posting course material. I highly recommend Populi.
Brian Stewart
Professor of Homiletics
Pacific Life Bible College
Populi is the best online college curriculum solution we have found - and we looked at a bunch. It’s easy to use and very easy to teach students and faculty how to use. Helpful tutorials. And superior tech support. We highly recommend Populi!
Tom Long
Vice Chancellor / Executive Director
Tabernacle Bible College
As an IT Professional I needed a system that was easy to set up and easy to train users on. Populi is all of that. A simple, flexible system with all the essential information accessible to those who need it.
Jake Yeager
IT Coordinator
Rudolf Steiner College
Populi has the best customer service of any company I’ve ever worked with! They are always helpful, friendly, and efficient. The best thing we did for our school and the student experience was make the move to Populi!
Lacy Kendrick
Registrar / Director of Financial Aid
Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
Populi is by far the most intuitive platform that I have had the privilege of working in. Whether it is building complete online courses or supplementing the in-person material, Populi is packed with features and functions.
Patrick Friesen
Adjunct Professor
Steinbach Bible College
Populi is an awesome Learning Management System. Very user-friendly for students, faculty, and administrators.
Dr. Dawn Piper
Chief Academic Officer
University of Fort Lauderdale
Populi is the most user-friendly college software I have ever used. While other software programs are bogged down with confusing layouts and bugs, Populi has managed to create an attractive interface that not only works, but looks good doing it.
Sam Klootwyk
Rivendell Sanctuary
Populi levels the playing field for small colleges by the providing the features and support of a fully integrated student information system while offering affordable enrollment-based pricing.
Paul Barker
Director of Technology Services
Hiwassee College
The Populi Support staff is the best! The support team is quick, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and delivers world-class customer service. They demonstrate personal interest in answering every question and issue. Thank you Populi Support Team!
Tom Rutherford
William Carey International University
I have worked with many learning management platforms, as a course builder and instructor, and I find Populi to be the most user friendly. Of all the platforms I used (and there have been many) Populi is my favorite.
Mark Hardgrove
Reformed University
Populi has made our school office so much more organized. Staff can access so much data on Populi without having to bug the office personnel to get the information for them. Love the support we get from Populi also!!
Vicki Carrington
Adult Education Director
Brown & Clermont Adult Career Campuses
I have been involved with online learning since 1997 and I have found Populi the best course management system that I have used, and I have used several over the years.
Michael Liimatta
City Vision University
Populi makes keeping student records, writing lesson plans, and giving quizzes easier than ever before. No more physical papers to grade, keep track of, and return!
Susan Henry
Gen. Ed. Chair
Ohio Mid-Western College
Populi has played an instrumental role in my education. From registration to graduation Populi is there to help. I can keep track of my assignments, graduation requirements, and even my scholarships. On top of being a powerful tool, it’s easy to use.
Stephen Campbell
Shepherds Theological Seminary
Populi is a comprehensive platform that has transformed the way we operate administratively and how we deliver classroom resources for instructors and students. Thank you Populi!
Rhonda Haynes
VP of Academics
Pacific Islands University
I love the Populi support team! Patient and gracious, knowledgeable and responsive, they have helped me with the basics and beyond, inspiring confidence and helping me work with greater efficiency and competence. Thanks Populi!
Shannon Stevenson
Eston College
Populi has been a win-win as a user-friendly system for our students AND teachers! Adults returning to college through online learning are relieved to have a helpful system that enables a smooth segueway into their studies.
Elaine Phillips
Family of Faith Christian University
Populi has been an amazing tool that has been absolutely vital to our success in managing and advising our students. It is already a fantastic system, and it gets better every week with consistent and practical updates.
David Hoskinson
Enrollment Management Specialist Manager
Arizona Christian University
Populi is the perfect place to store everything I need to be successful in my role! I love how I can organize everything and personalize it to my preferences. I can’t imagine my job (or life) without the efficiency of Populi!
Jake Houser
Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator
Northpoint Bible College
I love Populi! Its ease of use, integration of features, and accessibility across our College makes me smile. We depend on Populi to keep our records, schedules, and grades neat and tidy and Populi never disappoints! Happy are we with Populi!
Nicolle Ioanidis
Executive Assistant to the Presidents Office
Prairie College
Populi is a very user-friendly platform for educational management needs. Their customer service is incredible with responses often within the hour from their friendly and knowledgable service staff who clearly care about their clients.
Brittany Bird
Financial Coordinator
Calvary Chapel Bible College
Populi has been an administrative game-changer. Naturally, I love having billing, registration, and course content on a single platform. But I also love Populi’s excellent customer service. Someone helpful and knowledgable always answers the phone!
Olivia Colville
Registrar and Business Officer
Christendom Graduate School
Populi is the perfect way for me to stay connected with my school’s events, up-to-date on all my class assignments and information, and is the main way that I communicate with students and faculty! Also, it’s been easy to use from the very first day!
Charles Hodge
Highlands College
Populi is simply fantastic!!! I find it easy to use and not only that, it was easy to learn how to use Populi... Great job guys, keep it up!
Jason Falzarano
Professor of Biblical Studies
Calvary Chapel University
Populi grants school administrators a lot of flexibility so we can generate and modify our school system easily. Also, I love how the Populi support team is very responsive to inquiries and give their best to help out their clients.
Heidi Pak
Financial Aid Officer
Virginia University of Integrative Medicine
Populi has simplified my life. With the administrative side covered so well by Populi, I can focus on what I want to: teaching.
Benjamin Reese
Institute for Global Outreach Developments
The Populi Support team offers great customer service and technical support! Keep up the great work!
Raul Lozada
Director of Educational Technology
Holy Apostles College & Seminary
Populi makes life as a college student so much easier. Populi allows me to take quizzes and tests, submit papers, email professors, check my grades, and even pay and manage my tuition all online!
Kayla Lilly
Southeastern Free Will Baptist College
Populi has changed the way that students and institutions can communicate and share data. The extensive knowledge base helps me learn to use Populi’s services in the most efficient manner, giving me more time to focus on students.
Holly Ammerman
Academic Support Assistant, Financial Aid Officer
Providence University College and Theological Seminary
As a first-time professor new to learning management systems, I found Populi to be highly intuitive to use. Their online tutorials have been very helpful too. It’s a very user-friendly tool.
Bradley Golden
Assistant Professor of Naval Architecture
Webb Institute
Populi has made payment and 1098-T form processes streamlined and so much easier! I love the feature that lets a student generate a link to share with a parent or sponsor to pay online. Card payments are registered in real-time, too! No more waiting!
Catherine Ensminger
Financial Office Clerk
Weimar University
As I design new courses and update older ones, I like that Populi saves me time by making the process very user-friendly. Professors have such limited time, the ease with which I can design and upload content in Populi makes my job so much easier.
Stacey Benson
Foundational Studies Department Chair
Highlands College
For a first time administrator who’s new to Populi, I was delighted to discover how user-friendly it was and how helpful the tech support team was in helping me create solutions to satisfy our unique needs.
Mark Miller
Barclay College
Trying to keep up with all of the information and records on students can be overwhelming for a college. Populi brings it all together in a system that is secure, simple, and easy-to-use.
David Wooten
Director of Student Services
Reformation Bible College
Populi is a great resource for college students who want a quick, easy way to check in with their courses, where everything is organized and all in one place. Links, assignments, and information are all at your fingertips.
Rekiah Stone
Bethany College of Missions
I was concerned about how I was going to keep track of my grades. When I found out about Populi and how it works and how I could track my progress I was excited! I really have nothing but good things to say about Populi. Great application and website!
Ronge Brown
New Life Theological Seminary
Populi is a streamlined service that’s not only easily accessible, but fluid enough to meet our needs. Students, faculty, and staff find Populi to be a useful tool that has truly changed how we provide a wonderful educational experience.
Jessalynn Cornett
Baptist Seminary of Kentucky
Populi proved to be indispensable during 2020. Having Populi as our class “command center” was a huge boon. Gone are the days of hunting down email submissions or feeling disorganized—Populi kept everything in one place! What a useful resource.
Nancy Gilbert
Adjunct Faculty
University of Saint Katherine
What makes Populi so amazing is the support staff! They are quick to respond patiently and thoughtfully! Many times, I have found myself needing to ask for help and many times, they have been wonderful! Thank you, Populi Support!
Floria Grafton
Academic Administrative Assistant
New Hope Christian College
Populi changed the dynamic of how we function as an institution completely! Every instructor and student is set up for educational success fueled by data-driven processes. Through Populi, we have the tools our community needs to excel.
Jacie Sellers
Administrative Assistant
Indiana Bible College
Populi has helped Elim to interface with students in a more efficient way, connecting admissions, academics, finance, library, and students. Communication has improved because it has become a hub of information. Best of all, it is intuitive to use.
John Miller
Chief Academic Officer
Elim Bible Institute
What a game changer! Populi has changed a lot for us in such a great way! From how we handle and communicate with prospective students to how we handle courses and communicate with current staff and students. Why weren’t we using Populi before?! :)
Nikki Limpioso
Administrative Assistant
Ocean’s Edge School of Worship
Populi has helped me stayed organized and kept me on track throughout all my school work and even in my work as an Admissions Counselor!
Lesly Paz
Student/ Admissions Counselor
Baptist Bible College
Very user-friendly platform. Very easy to use. Everything on Populi is well-organized. Best study platform I’ve had so far!
Kathy Tran
Olivet University
Populi is easy to use, both for teachers and for students. It is clear and clean, nothing complicated, nothing confusing, and at the same time very complete. I looove Populi!
Lavi Zamta
Cathedral Bible College
Using Populi has made a world of difference for us. The ease in which students can register for courses, submit assignments, view financial information... it’s awesome! And the Populi Team? I can’t say enough: helpful, patient, supportive. Thank you!
Stephanie Bergman
Admissions & Marketing Coordinator
Compass College of Cinematic Arts
Populi has been a gamechanger for us! It is the complete package that has surpassed our expectations. Populi is easy to use and the support is world-class. The new and cool features are responsive to our needs and make us love them even more!
Dr. Raveenia Hanna
Executive Director
The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute
Populi has made communicating with our students and tracking their grades so easy and manageable!
Jillian Ferris
Program Director/Instructor
Southeastern Technical Institute
Populi rocks... incredibly user-friendly and accessible. I love to see all of my upcoming projects, and my financial details, and just everything! Love it!
Matthew Pass
Kingswood University
As a student I love using Populi. It is the best way for me to track assignments, class lecture material, and upcoming events. Populi is certainly the most comprehensive online college management software I’ve seen!
Jonathan DesRoches
Pacific Life Bible College
Switching to Populi has allowed us to dramatically improve our service to students. Their academic records are far more accessible, accurate, and secure than before thanks to Populi’s comprehensive online software.
Joel Wingo
Calvary Chapel Bible College
A real answer to prayer for our school. Populi performs like an expensive SIS/LMS but at a price a small, ministry-oriented school like ours can afford!
George Gunn
VP of Student Services
Shasta Bible College and Graduate School
Populi has changed the way our school bookstore does business. It has allowed us to automate/streamline processes that had been manual—well into the 21st century! I greatly appreciate the time saved by having everything at my fingertips in Populi.
Ann Owen
Sacred Heart Seminary & School of Theology
I don’t always laugh out loud at release notes. But when I do, they’re from Populi.
Brent Graber
Director of IT
Populi is a great, simple, and intuitive program that helps streamline our admissions, enrollment, and student management processes. Their user-friendly knowledge base and support have exceeded our expectations.
AJ Zimmermann
Rock School of Ministry
I really appreciate hearing back from Populi Support so quickly—the folks are always super friendly!
Candice Freedman
Portland Fashion Institute
Populi simplified and streamlined the way we do college administration. Comprehensive storage and infinite reporting options are a dream. The best part of Populi, however, is the people! Fast, friendly results every time!
Wendy Berryhill
Dean of Academics
Calvary Chapel University
Populi is the reason my college is among the best organized in Canada. Together with the utilities and tools available there has never been a more impressive site that can make me more productive while helping me to get better grades.
Michael Gulyas
Peace River Bible Institute
I have used other platforms as a student, and as a teacher as well. Populi is my favorite because it definitely feels like home. You can have quizzes, tests, discussions, assignments, and even social interactions here—what more could you want?
Ramiro Quero
Weimar College
Populi is an easy to use, attractive, and convenient source for all of my academic needs. I honestly have never experienced academics made so easy!
JJ Gorveatte
Kingswood University
One of my favorite aspects of Populi is how versatile the platform is. The interface is very easy to work with and get the hang of. As a recruiter it helps me organize reaching out to different students that I have met throughout the country.
Hamid Al-Dlaigan
Recruiting Coordinator
Highlands College
I love how Populi is intuitive to use and it also helps simplify many aspects of my role as class technician. Building online classrooms for our students is a much easier process with many of the functions and tools available through Populi.
Mary Strickland
Class Technician
Christendom Graduate School of Theology
Populi has helped our school stay organized and is assisting us in our efforts to go “green”. Populi has allowed us to document activity with students as well as communicate with them in an efficient manner.
Amy Leonard
Director of Admissions
Northbrook College of Health Care
Populi saves me hours of work, almost on a weekly basis. The ability to create fully customized, auto-grading quizzes and tests directly within the system smooths out my workload and frees up time for the main event: teaching. Thank you Populi!
Nathan Sanders
Adjunct Professor
Elim Bible Institute
Before Populi, our school was using a mish-mash of dozens of programs to manage everything from records to communication to financial information. Populi elevated our campus experience in more ways than we can count. The customer service rocks, too!
Theresa Ligon
Assistant Executive Director of Compliance
American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Populi’s user interface is clean and easy to use and has made initial setup for our school enjoyable.
Laura Lewis
AIC College of Design
I highly recommend Populi. The features needed for both students and Professors are included; lessons are easy to organize, assignments allow for many features. Professors willingly standardized their lessons for ease of student use. Great platform!
Vicki Lepick
Dean of Academics
Pacific Rim Christian University
On a developer standpoint, Populi is hands-down the best! Their APIs are feature-packed and developers have all the superpowers they need to do awesome things. If you find that something is off, their customer support is also very responsive!
Rave Arevalo
Software Engineer
Kingsland University
Switching to Populi was the best thing we have done! It was a smooth transition with incredible support. Their Customer Service is impeccable; friendly, helpful, and quick. The software is very user friendly with a super helpful knowledge base.
Alisha Tembo
Assistant Registrar
Vanguard College
Populi has the best customer support - hands down! When I reach out, they email within hours with a solution or follow-up questions. I’ve never felt like a bother to their team. It is a great feeling to reach out without hesitation.
Ginger Howell
Instructional Designer and Educational Technologist
Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addictions Studies
Learning a new system is usually stressful, but since we changed over to Populi everything runs so smoothly. Thank You!
Trent Maggard
Financial Aid Specialist
Barclay College
Populi has been a great platform for our school!! So much benefit to interact on a large scale with our students, staff, and faculty. We love how intuitive the software is!!!
Brittney Osborne
Administrative Assistant
Cleveland School of Cannabis
From their timeliness in customer service, to their excellence in ensuring a quality, user-friendly interface, Populi has shown themselves to be reliable, innovative, and extremely helpful in navigating the multiple dimensions of higher education.
Sarah Bierle
Institutional Effectiveness Director/Registrar
Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary
Populi’s service is AMAZING! It’s like they are sitting there waiting for me to send a question. Seriously, though, I really do appreciate their timely responses. It is not hit or miss. They are ALWAYS quick and so very helpful. Thanks, Populi!
Aleza Beverly
Dean and Chief Academic Officer
International College of the Cayman Islands
Populi has made scheduling and awarding financial aid an easier process. It makes it informative and easy to understand for students. If there ever is a question on how to find or do something their knowledge base is always extremely helpful.
Eliza Mayoral
Financial Aid Administrator
International Baptist College and Seminary
Populi’s ease of use if off the charts. It has made class so much easier to have everything in one central place. It’s a breeze to create and post quizzes and assignments, track attendance, and contact students. Thanks, Populi!!
Chuck Chalfant
Dean of Faculty
Wave Leadership College
Populi is a wonderful LMS. I was able to get our program up and running in less than 3 weeks with no prior experience using an LMS. It is user friendly and the user support team has been fabulous to work with.
Bethany Potter
Registrar, Director of Admissions, LMS Administrator, Administrative Assistant to Steering Team
Global Equip
Populi makes my life as a Registrar easy. Without the organization of Populi my whole campus would be lost.
TeLario Watkins
Cleveland School of Cannabis
Populi has made our Academic office run so much more smoothly since we switched from our old program! It saves hours of office work every day and is extremely easy to use. Populi is bringing academics to a whole new level!
Lindsay Swanson
Academic Secretary
Baptist College of Ministry
Populi Changed Our Lives! We will be in Populi forever.
Donna Harrington
Southwestern College
I have used many different learning types of learning software and without a doubt, Populi is just as great or better than the rest. On the plus side, the team a Populi is top notch and is always willing to help out with any issue.
Cindy Fletcher
Library and Information Manager
The Millard College
I find Populi to be user friendly, from both the administrative and student side. I’ve been using it for 2 years and am constantly learning new parts of it I can utilize. The help section is very informative and the phone support is above par!
Paula Beauchesne
Administrative Assistant and Student Support
NRI Institute Of Health Sciences
Populi changed the way I interact with students, and it does the hard part for me! Available features have allowed us to work as a team effectively and be consistent in our communication to students. I would recommend Populi to everyone!
Kailey Gillis
Admissions Counsellor
Booth University College
I wish the whole world was like the hardworking people staffing the Populi helpdesk. They are real people, not bots or avatars, and are always right there when I get stuck. Everyone there is incredibly helpful and friendly too! Thank you all!
Joseph Kerski
Instructor of Geotechnology
Au Sable Institute
I love the support at Populi! They always get back to us quickly and are very helpful. It is great that Populi is always updating and developing new features. They listen to us to make Populi better.
Cheryl McLim
Interim Registrar
Prairie College
Finally we have an LMS that feels like it was designed for us! Switching to Populi has been like adding a full-time employee to our administrative team and it is a cheaper system than our prior LMS. The customer service is also superb!
Nathan Mestler
International Baptist College and Seminary
Whether I need basic assistance or something larger like changing our curriculum/degree audit, Populi’s help desk constantly provides top notch friendly customer service! They are wonderful to work with!
Mary Buhring
Director of Academic Administration
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Populi is the most versitile LMS I have ever used!
Jose Trujillo
Bethesda University
I came into my financial aid role as a newbie, so having Populi as our SIS has been a literal lifesaver! Not only is the site streamlined and effective, their customer service rocks.
Ligaya Avila
Academic Programs & Financial Services Coordinator
The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology
Populi has a great workflow for not just our instructors, but our entire staff. We never have to guess where to find information, and being synced with one another is beyond incredible!
Chad Hake
F.I.R.S.T. Institute
The Populi Support Team is always there for me! It’s a great feature of Populi that the team members respond so quickly and strive to immediately resolve the problem at hand or suggest easy work-arounds. I’m never stuck for long :) Thanks!
Diane Riley
Admissions Advisor
Whistler Adventure School
Populi is a great example of a progressive LMS/SMS. As a Data Systems Manager, I really appreciate the weekly release notes and updates. As a techy guy, it feels like a tiny weekly Easter egg lol. Appreciate the transparency. Good Job support team!
Donelle Watson
Data Systems Manager/IT Helpdesk