Software Engineer

Full Time · Moscow, ID


Our developers must be capable of being presented with a problem, devising a plan, and writing code to successfully solve the problem with minimal oversight. Because Populi values self-management, it’s critical to have good instincts for when to reach out for help and confirmation during difficult project decisions. Populi has a wide range of technical needs ranging from devops to front-end design, but our most common need is for full-stack developers.

How to Apply

Email your résumé to and let us know why you'd like to join our team.

About Populi

We are a small team of owner-employees that value the freedom to work without distraction. We enjoy a healthy work-life balance. We are independent, collaborative, managers-of-one. We provide software as a service to higher education institutions. Our software supports almost every aspect of higher education, from admissions, academics, and advancement, to online learning, billing and financial aid.

Populi is an equal opportunity employer

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