Populi: The Software, The Service, The Company

Just now hearing about Populi? Here's an introduction to what we do and how we do it.

First released in 2007, Populi is web-based software that can handle nearly everything a small college needs. At its heart, it's a student information system that manages all your academic records and student transcripts. But it does a lot more than that! It's a complete learning management system that lets your faculty deliver online courses or keep track of what's happening in the classroom—everything from grading assignments to gated lessons to guided discussions. It's an admissions CRM that helps you shepherd students all the way through the application process. It's a complete student billing solution that handles tuition, fees, payments, and anything else that affects your accounts receivable. It's a financial aid servicer that connects with the DoED, packages aid awards, handles disbursements and refunds, and generates forms like 1098-Ts.

Oh, and it also handles reporting, donations, your library, the school bookstore, communications, scheduling, dorm rooms, and lots of other things besides. And if you have other software, Populi has loads of integrations—Canvas, Google, to name a couple—as well as SSO, Active Directory support, and a terrific API.

All of it works together as one, single, unified system. Nothing demonstrates this better than a person's profile, which shows everything they've done, what they're doing now, and what they plan to do next. You first create a profile for a prospective student to manage her inquiries and applications. When she's accepted, the application info feeds right into her academic record. You start packaging her financial aid awards. When she enrolls in courses, tuition charges automatically trigger. Financial aid disburses right to her account, and she pays the rest using Populi's online payments. Her courses, built by your faculty right in Populi, let her submit assignments, take tests, participate in discussions, and work her way through lessons. At the end of the term, her course grades flow right into her transcript and updates her degree progress. And this repeats, term after term, until finally you confer a degree and she graduates. After that you keep in touch with her and start recording her monthly recurring donation. Everything you know about her, applicant to alum, all in one place, all in Populi.

Everyone at your school can use Populi to do their part. High-level administrators, students, faculty, advisors, financial staff, librarians, and so on—whoever they are at your school, Populi gives them access to the tools and information they need, from any computer or mobile device. That's because Populi is (and always has been!) 100% web-based. There's no need to download software or maintain anything on your own servers. What's more, that lets us handle security, keeping your data safe through a combination of advanced hardware, daily data backups, encrypted connections, keen-eyed developers, and our unswerving dedication to keeping your data secure and private.

Behind all of this is the company, an employee-owned outfit in Moscow, Idaho, staffed by folks who've been working together for a long time, who are in this for the long-haul. We do all development in-house and nearly everyone here gets involved in customer support. We're all experienced and knowledgeable about how to make Populi do the most for your school. Populi is inconceivable without timely, helpful, and friendly support, and that's why it's included for every customer for free.

Finally, pricing. Populi includes the software, all maintenance and updates, implementation, migration of core academic and financial data, and customer support. Our business model is that of Software as a Service (SaaS), which means we own the software and you pay us monthly to use it. You, that is, you, own your data and you can take it and leave at any time. Our agreement includes no length of term, no cancellation fees, no hidden stuff, no nonsense. All of our hundreds of clients are on this same pricing model and any one of them could leave next month. This puts a healthy pressure on us to serve you well. We only get to see you next month if we take care of you this month.

That's Populi. To learn more, have a look at our features, what your people can do with it, and how other schools have benefited from our approach... or for the most in-depth look, get a demo!