Make sense of your information.

Putting reports at your fingertips that other systems make you work for, Populi keeps your data accessible. With numerous preset reports, interactive tables, easy-to-read dashboards, and customized queries that drill down deep, there isn’t a single fact you can’t retrieve and make more useful.

Dashboards & Tables

Get key stats at a glance from your dashboards. Search and export tables of students, faculty, and courses that fit your criteria. Export them to PDF or Excel, or send them an email.

Preset Reports

Imagine finishing off IPEDS and 1098-Ts in minutes. Populi fetches all the data you need with a few clicks. Replace hours or days of work you'd rather not be doing with a few minutes.


Get quick, detailed snapshots of student, faculty, degree, and retention statistics with Populi’s Analytics tool.

Data Slicer

In-depth data queries. Populi’s Data Slicer drills down into your student body—and all of their info. Filter them down by any criteria. Then add data columns or get snapshot analytics of other stats. Finally, tag or email them with a single click.

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