Get stuff done.

With built-in productivity tools—for scheduling, communications, file-sharing, and plain old getting-stuff-done—and integration with your school’s Google Apps account, Populi helps you run run your college with less software.

Email and texting

One-click email everywhere: courses, admissions, scheduling, billing, reporting, you name it. Link it up with your own hosted email, or integrate it with Google Apps. Custom templates, instant mailing lists, and always-current contact info. You can also text anyone at your school with a verified number from just about anywhere in Populi.


Calendar shows you everyone and everything—people, courses, facilities; class times, due dates, plus the rest of your daily life. Got Google Apps? Populi automatically syncs personal and course calendars with Google Calendar.


Attach documents and files anywhere you need to. Any kind of file, too. Application essays. Meeting minutes. Policy Handbooks. Discipline records. Lecture mp3s. Attach them to people, courses, organizations, assignments—even lessons and billing records. And every user gets 50 MB of personal file upload space—for sharing, backup, or storage.

News & Notes & Alerts

Focused or free-form communication. Create news items and target them to specific groups in your college. Automatic alerts notify students about their applications, course registration, and unpaid invoices. Use notes to organize the stuff you need to remember about people, organizations, courses, and more.

To-Do Lists

Built-in to-do lists—right there when you log in—help you organize your day. Give yourself a task, or assign it to someone else. It's a simple way Populi helps you keep track of things.

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