One, do-it-all profile.

Profiles let you find anything anyone in your system is doing, has done, or plans to do. One record for the whole lifecycle—from lead to applicant to student to alum. Staff and faculty, also, as well as contacts outside your college. Populi, after all, means people.

End double entry

Small colleges have people who play multiple roles. Is your registrar also a professor? Do you have students working admissions? Just give them the right user roles. And thanks to Populi’s centralized database, profiles show you the most current information available for everyone.

Find anything

A student’s course list from two years ago. An applicant’s father’s email address. A faculty member’s advised students. Organizations a donor belongs to. A list of a grad student’s unpaid invoices. Anything you’re looking for, all in one place.

Connect people

Tag people with shared characteristics. Track and link to family members and roommates. Tags and Relationships link your people together. It simplifies communications, enhances recruiting and donations, and tells you more about your people.

Keep in touch

Never guess how to get a hold of someone—just find their profile. Easily update contact info—or have people do it themselves and save you time. Keep old addresses around and switch among them when students go home for the summer. Sync relatives’ contact info. One click emailing, public/private settings, exports for mail merges—and many more simple, smart features.

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