Complete course management.

On campus or online, Populi’s courses serve your students—wherever they are. A complete LMS integrates your courses with the rest of your college. No extra software or programming required. Deliver lessons, tests, and content. Feed student grades right into GPA’s and transcripts. Keep your rosters straight. Save time, keep your students current, and never lose track of anything.

Learner management

Deliver your courses simply. Form your courses around lessons, complete with forums, links, and other content. Build online tests, and save and organize your questions for re-use later. Auto-grading options, images, time limits—all designed clearly so any student can follow along.

Gradebook & assignments

Simplify grading. Create assignments (whenever you need to!) and content, and weight your grades to suit your style. The gradebook builds itself automatically. Online test scores plug right in; in-progress grades calculate on-the-fly. And at term’s end, one click submits course comments and grades right to the Registrar. No syncing, double-entry, or programming required.

Course content

Files, materials, book lists—keep all of your course’s content in one place. Real-time updates let you distribute new and revised content with a click or two. Add supplemental content to individual lessons and assignments. Your students will know where to find it.


Who’s in your class? How’re they doing? Find it all in one place. Integrated rosters link to student profiles. Export a PDF with photos. Watch your waiting lists. Communicate with everyone with one-click emails. Lots of little things—grading stats, forum tracking, assignment comments—make sure you know what’s happening.

Performance dashboard

Track student performance in real time. The Performance Dashboard graphs student achievement, automatically. View the coursework as a whole, or zoom in to individual students and assignments for multiple perspectives. Evaluate your students and discover ways to improve your course.

Course Evaluations

Gather your students’ thoughts on their courses and faculty. Features seven question types, anonymous submissions, and options for faculty visibility and student grade locks. As the results roll in, reporting tools let you zoom in on individual courses and profs or give you a broad look at how your school is doing.

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