Run your bookstore, too.

No need to buy a separate e-commerce solution. Populi’s built-in Bookstore is already tied in with the rest of your college. Students can jump to it right from their courses. Anyone can shop your store online. Bookstore revenue hits Populi Financial. Scan items and run credit cards from the Point of Sale. It’s shopper-friendly, fully secure, and simple to manage.

Simple bookstore basics

Customize your Bookstore with your own categories and featured items. Generate Buy Now links for any item and put them on your website. Easy inventory management and reporting tools keep you on top of your stock. You get a hassle-free storefront. Bookstore shoppers get a simple, streamlined shopping experience.

Financial integration

Populi Bookstore talks to Financial so you don't have to double-enter anything. Specify income accounts for Bookstore purchases. Split out shipping and sales tax from your regular revenue. Charge student purchases to their accounts. Sales and orders generate transaction records and a full audit trail. It all works together effortlessly.

Point of Sale

Run your Bookstore with a computer and a cash box. Search for items, change quantities, run credit cards, charge to student accounts—all from one screen. Hook up a barcode scanner and a credit card reader and it'll go even faster.

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