People, facilities, organizations, and more

You need to track more than just courses and applicants. Populi handles it all, simply and effectively. Smart integration features—facility Calendars, quick mailing lists, organization membership lists—help your information go further.

Custom info

Create custom information fields for the things unique to your college. Configurable with different inputs, they extend Populi’s scope to fit your needs. They’re also available in Populi’s reporting tools.

Emergency notifications

Instantly notify all of your active Staff, Faculty, and Students of emergencies via text message. Just a few clicks and you can blast out a notice via text to everyone who’s opted in—and notify everyone else via email.


Keep records on your contact orgs. Donor businesses, other colleges, feeder schools— any institution your college needs to track. Link them to people in the system as members, employees, or students. Include them in mailings and keep detailed notes on your interactions.

Buildings and equipment

And campuses, too. Keep track of anything your college owns or anywhere it meets. Building and resource Calendars simplify scheduling. Rooms, too, which you’ll also find when scheduling courses.


Need to mass-mail a large group? Assemble a list in seconds, and mail them with a personalized template. Export your mailing lists for snail-mail-merges. We’ve made it a lot simpler than it has ever been.

Files everywhere

Hang on to anything of relevance. Attach documents, pdfs, images, anything you can think of—to any person. Every user gets their own filespace, and access to shared files, too.

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