Populi is web-based college management software.

It covers academics, admissions, billing, people, reporting, library, and a lot more. Integrated email and calendar complete the picture. It's hosted, so you don't need to worry about IT. It's secure, so your data stays safe. It runs on any computer, so everyone can use it. And your college gets Populi for an affordable, per-student price. It’s that simple.

Populi integrates college management

“Integration” doesn’t just mean it has a lot of features. With Populi, integration means that they work together. So everyone at your college shares real-time information. Common workflows go quicker. Duplicate information is done for. Populi integrates college management in useful, meaningful ways, and it does it without add-ons, downloads, or anything else. It just works.

Users: that’s who it’s about

Finding what you’re looking for shouldn’t be a chore. Our interface avoids gigantic menus, “spaghetti-link” navigation, and other things that get you lost. Instead, we’ve built Populi so you can go where it makes sense to go next. We incorporate web design best practices and we’re always improving how Populi works. Intuitive, elegant, and simple enough for any user to learn.

Everyone can use it

Access for everyone—staff, faculty, students, prospects—because software simply does more when everyone can use it. Students can register for courses. Prospects can complete applications. Faculty can submit grades with a click. Admissions staff can run reports. Plus everything the registrar and other higher-ups can do. But Populi isn’t just software they can use. Useful, thoughtful, helpful—it’s software they’ll want to use.

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