Pick the best plan for your school.


$199/month +
$7/month per billable student
1,000 GB file storage
2,000 text messages per month

recommended for
fewer than 360 students


$499/month +
$6/month per billable student
2,000 GB file storage
5,000 text messages per month

recommended for
360 to 840 students


$1,199/month +
$5/month per billable student
3,000 GB file storage
10,000 text Messages per month

recommended for
more than 840 students

Additional storage is just 10¢ per GB per month.
Additional text messages are only 2¢ per text per recipient.

Just pick a plan. You get it all. Access for all your staff, faculty, and students. Not to mention file storage, video streaming, implementation, data migration, training, customer support, software updates, and anything else you need to back you up.

No hidden fees. No surprise charges. Just plain and simple pricing.

What’s a billable student?

“Billable students” are your full-time, part-time, and auditing students who take at least one course in a calendar month. In other words, your cost scales with your enrollment. See the Terms of Service for more details.

File storage

"File storage" includes storage and backup for the files you keep in Populi—documents, spreadsheets, pictures, even audio and video. It also includes encoding, streaming, and bandwidth for your media. Each plan includes a chunk of free file storage, with additional storage available for 10¢ per GB per month.

Text messages

Each plan includes a block of free text Messages, which count towards one text per individual recipient (U.S. and Canadian carriers only). Additional text Messages are available for 2¢ per text recipient.

No long-term commitments

We don’t lock you down with long-term contracts. Why? It keeps us on our toes. Our business plan is simple: to win all of our customers back every month. And if we don’t win you back, you have no obligation to stay.

No fees for upgrades or updates

We handle all the upgrades and updates. We don’t bother you with installation or upgrade fees. You’ll always have the newest, most powerful version available—and our full support behind it. And you’ll never pay a nickel more to get it.

No technology investments

You don’t need new servers, new staff, or other software for Populi to work. All you need are things you already have: computers, web browsers, and high-speed internet.

In a few words…

No money upfront. No nickel-and-diming. Nothing to install. Nothing to maintain. You get the whole program, and all updates and support, for one low price. So you can just run your college.

Read more about our pricing on the Populi Blog, and check out the Terms of Service for more details.